The Hair Products I Swear By..



One thing I love experimenting with is hair products!! And I have tried a lot of different products, some worked for me and some did not! So today I am sharing my top 5 favorite products that keep my hair long, thick, and shiny!

1.Olaplex Hair Perfector

This has been a total game changer for keeping my hair healthy! I try to do this every 2 weeks or once a month! Because I do get my hair colored and use hot tools a lot it is so important to rejuvenate your hair and restore healthy appearance and texture. It strengthens while protects hair structure and addresses any damaged hair! Which is great for me because I do have color treated hair and love to curl my hair!

2. Kerastase Pre Shampoo Conditioner

I LOVE this product! I use this probably once a month. But I do not use it on the same wash that I use my Olaplex Hair Perfector Before getting in the shower and washing my hair, I dampen my hair a little bit and rub the product through my hair leaving it in for about 10-15 minutes. Then I jump in the shower rinse it out and shampoo and condition my hair like normal! And my hair feels AMAZING!! It makes it so soft and luxurious..and also smells SO good! It has really helped to strengthen, repair, and puts so much moisture in my hair!

3. Oui Hair Oil.

This hair oil is all about the shine!! I love adding a tiny bit after I blow dry to calm any frizz before I curl my hair. It seels my split ends which is amazing and adds the most beautiful high gloss to my curl!  And it also helps protect your hair from heat damage, which is a major plus! I love this product for an added shine!

4. Pureology 21 Spray

I talked about this spray in my favorite amazon purchases article, but this is one product I can not live without! I spray this throughout my hair after I get out of the shower before I brush my hair! This stuff leaves my hair feeling so smooth and takes any tangles out, which is AMAZING! It primes your hair, protects it, and perfects it! It is a leave in treatment that has really protected and strengthened my hair! Before I found this product sometimes my hair was tangled after getting out of the shower and this helps make it so soft and detangles it so great!

5. Kerastase Resistance Shampoo

Of all of the shampoo’s I have tried this is my tried and true! I love it. Since I do get my hair colored and do use hot tools I use anything that is reparative to my hair! And this shampoo is great for rebuilding and strengthening! It also smells so so good and leaves my hair so soft and shiny! This would be a great shampoo to add in your routine to strengthen your hair cuticle!

6. Living Proof Dry Volume Blast 

I love adding a little volume after curling my hair and this living proof product is the answer!! I use this every time I curl my hair if I am going out and want my hair to look big and kind of “beachy”. This product won Allures best of beauty award in 2018 and I know why! It also is great for holding my curl! I love it!

7. Kerastase Resurfaced Strengthening Milk 

Ok this is some what of a new product in my hair routine and I love it! My sister in law who is a hair dresser with the most beautiful hair recommended it to me for my heat protectant and I absolutely love it! It has a high thermal protectant and anti breakage component which is amazing!  You put a little in your hand and rub it through your hair when it is wet! It protects your hair from blow drying and hoot tools! It adds such great texture to my hair and I love that it protects it! If you use hot tools I definitely recommended adding this into your routine! It is a must!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I love sharing my favorite products and tips and tricks that work great for me! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch! Have a wonderful week! XO

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