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After having a daughter of my own I have realized how important a baby’s nutrition is as they are growing up and becoming little humans! Little Spoon, a customizable organic baby food brand that is made with 80+ locally sourced ingredients, has made it easier than ever to feed your baby the healthiest options! And the best part is they deliver straight to your door step! Little Spoon is passionate about the fact that the first 1000 days of quality nutrition sets up your child for the rest of their life! So why would you not feed them quality nutrition with a variety of options? We have LOVED Little Spoon and most importantly Bella LOVES it! It is a great way for Bella to get some different ingredients in her diet that she normally wouldn’t eat because she can be a little picky!¬†Little Spoon offers a service that allows every parent to customize their child’s meal plans that are delivered directly to your doorstep each week. It is the best!!! And good news is…I have a discount code for you guys! You can give Little Spoon (HERE) a try for yourself with 15% OFF your first order with the code: JACQUIKRUGER

So step up your baby’s nutrition and feed their little bodies with quality nutrients and ingredients with Little Spoon! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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