10 Must Haves for Your Kids This Spring & Summer..

  1. Sun Hat – This is a MUST for us during the spring & summer because it keeps her face protected from the sun and keeps the sun out of her eyes! This has been my favorite because it has UPF 50, a string so it stays on, and it is comfortable so she keeps it on! I have multiple and always keep one in my car!

2.  Bubble Machine – Bubbles keep Bella entertained for hours! I bought this little bubble wand and she absolutely loves it! It lights up all different colors and aton of bubbles come out!

3. Bows (if your a girl mom) – I found these bows on Amazon and they are awesome! Comes with so many color options and 2 of each color..also super budget friendly! There is a bow for every color she wears!

4. A Protective Swim Suit – Most of the time when Bella is swimming I like to have her in a swimsuit that has long sleeves and has UPF 50. Ruffle butts has been my favorite because they have so many cute options and the suit usually comes with a hat, which is always a plus!

5. To- Go Snack Keepers – These were life changing! I bring these everywhere with us, Bella can’t dump out the snacks and get them everywhere, which is awesome!

6.Native Shoes (sparkle colors HERE)- These shoes are a must for spring and summer! Pictured on Bella below..They are extra comfortable and are rubber so they can be rinsed off if they get dirty or sandy! Bella wears these to the splash pad, in the sand, to the playground, etc.. And they hold up amazing!

7.  Mini Melissa Shoes For Sundresses ; For My Girl Mom’s-(here too)- These are my FAVORITE! Pictured below. I love these and are perfect for spring and summer sundresses! They have a little scent to the shoes so Bella loves them!

8. Cuddle Barn Toy – If your little one does not have one of these yet you need to order one! This is another toy that can keep Bella entertained for a long time! Just ordered Bella this unicorn and she LOVES it. We also have this Mother Goose and it is so cute! Each animal does something different but they usually sing a little song and some will move! It is so cute.

9. Kids Hydroflask Water Bottle– I bring this water bottle with us everywhere, I love it for summer months because it keeps her water cold! Also love that it is stainless steel and not plastic!

10. Bike Seat– Paul and I love biking to Starbucks or the grocery store and this little bike seat we got for Arabella is so awesome! Bella loves riding in it and it is a great activity for those beautiful spring and summer days! I wish I would have gotten this a long time ago! It is so sturdy and not very hard to mount on your bike! (Don’t forget a helmet!) I got this one from Target.


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